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Degree programme:Bachelor InterMedia
Type of degree:FH BachelorĀ“s Degree Programme
 Summer Semester 2022

Course unit titleTechnical Skills: Photography Basic
Course unit code025217200104
Language of instructionEnglish
Type of course unit (compulsory, optional)Compulsory optional
Semester when the course unit is deliveredSummer Semester 2022
Teaching hours per week2
Year of study2022
Level of course unit (e.g. first, second or third cycle)First Cycle (Bachelor)
Number of ECTS credits allocated2
Name of lecturer(s)Matthias WEISSENGRUBER

Prerequisites and co-requisites


Course content

Workshop 01 - The basics: time, aperture, focal length, color temperature, etcPhotography is a creative process. However, if you do not know the technical possibilities of your tool, you lack the basics for every step you take. You do not have to read the entire manual of a camera in order to operate it. But the few really necessary parameters must be learned and mastered.

Workshop 02: The portrait: How does a favorable picture succeed?
How does an interesting portrait succeed, which not only shows the surface, but lets one look deeper? How do I inspire the viewer of my photos? Does it need courage and passion? A feeling for the right light? Or just technical know-how?
Workshop 03 - The studio: everything only asked?
The photo studio resembles the alchemists laboratory. Foreign-looking devices unrelated to the real world. We want to try to discover the secrets and advantages of artificial light.

Workshop 04 - Develop a contemporary visual language
How do I speak in pictures? Every day we look at countless photographs in magazines and magazines, in social networks and in our everyday environment. Which pictures do we hang on and why? An attempt to sensitize for the different languages of photography.

Workshop 05 and 06 - Coachings
In individual coaching, personal topics are worked on in order to be able to present an independent project at the end of the course. Depending on the number of participants, the coaching duration varies.

Workshop 07 - Internal presentation
At the end of the workshop all participants of the photography workshop will present their project in words and pictures.

Learning outcomes

The students master the basic manual skills of this field. The students know how to operate the relevant software, tools and devices. They know the relevant design options and design examples. The students can assess the complexity of different design processes.

Planned learning activities and teaching methods

Individual and team coaching

Assessment methods and criteria

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Recommended or required reading

will be announced in class

Mode of delivery (face-to-face, distance learning)

Face-to-face course, tutorials

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