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Degree programme:Bachelor InterMedia
Type of degree:FH Bachelor´s Degree Programme
 Summer Semester 2023

Course unit titleTechnology & Design
Course unit code025217044010
Language of instructionEnglish
Type of course unit (compulsory, optional)Compulsory
Semester when the course unit is deliveredSummer Semester 2023
Teaching hours per week4
Year of study2023
Level of course unit (e.g. first, second or third cycle)First Cycle (Bachelor)
Number of ECTS credits allocated4
Name of lecturer(s)Verena FÄßLER

Prerequisites and co-requisites


Course content
  • basics of media technology (bit, file, data format, resolution, digitisation, colour space, pixel, vector, frame etc.)
  • different media and their technological basis
  • basics of cross-media communication.
  • intermediality, inframediality, intramediality and its processes.
  • cross-media strategies, interaction and diversification of media
  • software as a medium
  • generative design
  • the significance of the physical in the context of digital systems
Learning outcomes

The students have a general overview of all of the current techniques used as part of the production of visual and acoustic media.

The students are able to name and use key concepts, methods and tools for media processing.

The students know the usage parameters, opportunities, range of application and restrictions of individual media and can select these appropriately based on the content, the available resources, the desired effects and the technical possibilities.

The students can name and explain the most important tools and procedures in the production of various media, describe the workflow and describe the link between their work and the work of other members of the team.

They can analyse and modify a design so it can be implemented optimally using a cross-media strategy.

Planned learning activities and teaching methods

Lectures, discussions, tutorials

Assessment methods and criteria

Immanent examinations



Recommended or required reading
  • Junge, Barbara; Berzina, Zane; Scheiffele, Walter; Westerveld, Wim; Zwick, Carola (2012): The Digital Turn. Design in the Era of Interactive Technologies. Berlin: Park Books.
  • Böhringer, Joachim; Bühler, Peter; Schlaich, Patrick; Sinner, Dominik (2014): Kompendium der Mediengestaltung Digital und Print: Konzeption und Gestaltung, Produktion und Technik für Digital- und Printmedien. Berlin u.a.: Springer Vieweg.
  • Goutrié, Christine; Falk-Bartz, Sabine; Wuschig, Ilona (2014): Think CROSS - Change MEDIA. Crossmedia im Jahr 2014 - Eine Standortbestimmung. Norderstedt: Books on Demand.
  • Spies, Marco (2014): Branded Interactions. Digitale Markenerlebnisse planen & gestalten. Mainz: Verlag Hermann Schmidt.
Mode of delivery (face-to-face, distance learning)

Lectures, discussions, tutorials

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