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Degree programme:Bachelor Computer Science - Software and Information Engineering
Type of degree:FH BachelorĀ“s Degree Programme
 Summer Semester 2022

Course unit titleBachelor Thesis
Course unit code0247606101
Language of instructionGerman / English
Type of course unit (compulsory, optional)Compulsory
Semester when the course unit is deliveredSummer Semester 2022
Teaching hours per week0
Year of study2022
Level of course unit (e.g. first, second or third cycle)First Cycle (Bachelor)
Number of ECTS credits allocated6
Name of lecturer(s)Wolfgang AUER
Steffen FINCK
Jonathan THALER
Manfred VOGT

Prerequisites and co-requisites

Scientific work, study skills

Course content

Students choose a topic among a topic-list prepared from the lecturers. They implement an interesting part of the problem, assess the results and write a bachelors thesis about it. Topics arise especially from the elective courses the students attend in the 6th semester, or independent of these courses from research projects in the FH Vorarlberg research centers. It is also possible to work on an individual topic suggested by the student. A list of available topics will be released at the beginning of the semester in March.

Learning outcomes

By writing a bachelors thesis the students should prove their ability (a) to work for them self on a scientific basis on a specific topic of their subject, (b) to compile a report according to scientific standards and (c) to correctly cite knowledge from the literature.

Depending on the subject of the thesis, the students learn this through an empirical study, a literature study, a planning or design task or a practical project.

Planned learning activities and teaching methods

Independent creation of the bachelor thesis. A seminar is held to accompany the work. In this seminar help is given for writing. The students present their work progress to each other.

Assessment methods and criteria

Assessment of the bachelor thesis based on a catalog of criteria.


There is a written guide available for the students on the requirements and procedures regarding the bachelors thesis.

If necessary, the writing center (in German: Schreibzentrum) of the Fachhochschule offers assistance for self-help in composing written assignments.

Incoming international students can also work on topics from their home university, a suitable person for supervision at the FH will be available.

Recommended or required reading
  • Various, especially articles in scientific journals and conference proceedings.
  • In English: Tim Skern: Writing Scientific English. A Workbook. UTB, Stuttgart, 2. revised Ed. (26. October 2011), 191 pages, ISBN 3825236196.
  • In German: Matthias Karmasin (Autor), Rainer Ribing (Autor): Die Gestaltung wissenschaftlicher Arbeiten: Ein Leitfaden für Seminararbeiten, Bachelor-, Master- und Magisterarbeiten sowie Dissertationen. UTB, Stuttgart, 6. aktual. Aufl. (20. Juli 2011), 171 Seiten, ISBN 3825235963
Mode of delivery (face-to-face, distance learning)

Thesis work. The students get individual coaching by their supervisors.

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