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Degree programme:Bachelor Social Work Fulltime
Type of degree:FH BachelorĀ“s Degree Programme
 Summer Semester 2023

Course unit titlePeer to peer action platform
Course unit code048512046203
Language of instructionEnglish
Type of course unit (compulsory, optional)Compulsory
Semester when the course unit is deliveredSummer Semester 2023
Teaching hours per week1
Year of study2023
Level of course unit (e.g. first, second or third cycle)First Cycle (Bachelor)
Number of ECTS credits allocated2
Name of lecturer(s)Sharon DU PLESSIS-SCHNEIDER

Prerequisites and co-requisites


Course content

A course led by students. Students will participate actively in project teams in the conception of a lecture or workshop. As a whole, they will develop an interdisciplinary toolbox event where the project teams can hold their lecture / workshop. The project teams consisted of local and international students. The focus of the project teams is to point out and communicate what is meant by "International Social Work". You will use your problem solving, teamwork and communication skills on your own. Your project team works autonomously and determines its own preparation schedule.
The lecturer stays in the background and offers coaching lessons.

Learning outcomes


  • develop and test a self-directed project, reviewing their own thinking and acting.
  • deepen their theoretical and practical understanding of International Social Work.
  • are able to check expectations of the teamwork and to realign them if necessary.
  • acquire didactic and methodological skills in knowledge transfer by developing and delivering a lecture or workshop.
  • acquire practical work skills through the development and design of a toolbox event.
  • are able to independently organize, conduct and evaluate an event.
  • expand their competencies in critical thinking and reflecting.
Planned learning activities and teaching methods

self-organized learning and teaching, project work, teamwork, one-to-one support

Assessment methods and criteria

Project report 9-10 pages A4



Recommended or required reading

Anderson, Chris (2018): TED talks: the official TED guide to public speaking. London: Nicholsa Breale Publishing.

De Piano, Frank (2014): Professionally Speaking: Public Speaking for Health Professionals. Routledge. Online im Internet: URL: (Zugriff am: 09.10.2018).

Healy, Lynne M (2008): International social work professional action in an interdependent world. 2. Aufl. New York: Oxford University Press.

Martin, Ruben (2013): Teamworking skills for social workers. Maidenhead, Berkshire, Eng.: Open University Press.

Moon, Jennifer (2016): SHORT COURSES AND WORKSHOPS: improving the impact of learning, teaching and professional development. S.l.: ROUTLEDGE.

Mode of delivery (face-to-face, distance learning)

self-organized learning and teaching, project work, teamwork, one-to-one support

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